Entertainment Industry

We proudly participated in many Movie and TV productions by supplying our private collection's vehicles with experienced operator. 

Our HMMWV has been featured in "I am Legend", "Law and Order SVU", "Fringe", "Allegiance", "Blue Blood",  "Blindspot" and many others.

Our M151 has been featured in the recent "The Post", "The Path", "Blindspot", "Blacklist" and others.

We can also offer Historical Military Vehicles and Equipment Consulting to improve the appearance of the work by utilizing the historically era-correct equipment.

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Historic Military Vehicle Sevices

Our experience at the service of the collector or the hobby enthusiast buyer.
We can provide full service from locating the vehicle you are looking for to delivery at your doorstep.
Pre-purchase inspection is the best way to avoid nasty surprises when looking for a vehicle that probably spent its life in the outdoors.
Locating a vehicle can be as simple as looking on the internet or complicated as getting our network of partners to look for it.                       Restoration of a military vehicle is a very important part of our experience and we can help to ease the process with counseling and referrals.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Exporting an Historical Military Vehicle is not always easy and the right person in the right place is crucial for a successful operation.                   

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